CBT DG by Sea Awareness

CBT DG by Sea Awareness

We are now ready to offer this CBT Program to all our Clients, below is some information to help understand the benefits of this CBT program;

Key features and benefits of CBT DG by Sea Awareness on the Web include:

  • Partnership with Cresent, world class global e-Learning provider for over 18 years
  • Internet based course, with assessments – 80% pass mark and certificate
  • Can be done in as little as 60 minutes or at your own pace
  • develops competence for particular job functions recommended in the Regulations
  • E-Learning is often more than half the time of a classroom course
  • Costs are also typically half
  • accessible from any computer with Internet capability
  • can be taken at the student’s pace and at any location
  • minimises disruption of staff away from their jobs
  • concise, easy to read elements and graphical presentation
  • designed for corporate quality assurance and compliance programs


The Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Sea Awareness course promotes understanding of the particular health and safety considerations that need to be taken when transporting dangerous goods by sea. The content of this course is methodically divided into nine sections, each dealing with a different topic - such as dangerous goods and legislation, classes and types of dangerous goods, marking and labelling requirements.

Importantly, measures to be taken in case of an emergency are dealt comprehensively. In addition to following HSE regulations, this course outlines best practices to be taken into account whenever transporting dangerous goods.

If you think you could benefit from this CBT Course please contact us by Email.